Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My descriptive writing

Anjia is a very cute monster.
She is really small. Actually she only reaches exactly 14cm tall and 13cm wide.
Anjia looks like a ball with soft straight spiky
hair sticking up over her whole body. Except, of course, from her tiny little face with two big, bright, beautiful, longish eyes as green as grass and a small mouth that always has a lovely smile on. And her two 3cm big feet that she uses to bounce around everywhere she goes that are on the bottom of her body with three toes. She is bright blue with four white zig-zag stripes going on a diagonal across her body. The foods that she likes to eat are fresh, juicy strawberries and oranges and she likes to drink thick, creamy banana smoothies. She lives in a wonky straw roof house with wooden walls. She has a huge garden with lots of colourful, blooming flowers, trees and fruit and vegetable plants.
She doesn't go to school because when her type of monster is born, which are called Shnookypuffs, they already know most things and also every one or two days for five minutes their parents teach them one new thing.
Anjia likes to go for walks in the forest and cooking delicious meals. Also she lives with her Mum and Dad because she loves them so much.

I did well at following all the success criteria

I learned that describing is a big part of every piece of writing

Next time I will do better at having a few more similes

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  1. well done it was intersting but maybe next time you could have it coulour of it's body