Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiddage Writing

"Quiddage! Yippee!", everyone would shout at 11:00am every Friday.

The atmosphere is just fantastic! Everyone is so excited but not too over the top about it, there's a great "lift" in everyone's personality and we're all here for the same reason; to have FUN!!
And that's exactly it; FUN!!

Our shop; L@ Soupers, is always SOOOOOOO busy, we have customers everywhere! And it's even harder when us four girls (Luce, Zia, Grace and I) are all Bank Tellers as well.
But I don't mind it's all doing us lots of good and teaching us how to spend and save our money in the BIG, WIDE WORLD, and like I said before it gives us all HUGE thrills nearly as big as ones you get at Disney Land.

Anyway that's just one of heaps of awesome things about QZealand!!!

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